Signs it’s Time to Install a New heat Pump at Your Home

It is true that age usually signals the need to replace your heat pump. The average unit lasts 10 to 15 years, depending on the brand, the maintenance performed, and other factors. So, when your unit nears this age, it is safe to say that a replacement is a good idea. However, don’t automatically assume that you need a new unit simply because the heat pump reaches a certain age. There is no reason to fix what isn’t broken, so it is possible that your unit is still performing well. Don’t replace it if it isn’t broken!

Aside from the age of the heat pump, there are factors that alert you to the need to make a replacement. It is important that you learn the criteria that determine this need and pay attention to them. Once you find that it may be time to replace, make a call to The Heat Pump Store to arrange professional service after a new pump purchase. What are those important signs that indicate the need to replace?

Loss of Efficiency

Heat pumps provide practicality and efficiency to the home, so when you start getting the opposite results, it is safe to say that a replacement unit is needed. Are your energy bills increasing and there aren’t any other contributing factors? Blame it on the heat pump! However, a call to the pros is the first step in making this decision. They can inspect the unit to better determine the problem and if it is time to replace.

Frequent Repairs

It is only expected that heat pump repairs will be necessary during the lifetime of the unit. However, if the repairs are needed more often and on a more frequent basis, it could very well be time to replace. If you spend a considerable amount of money to repair a broken unit, that money could be spent on a new unit. More than three annual repairs is sign that it is time to look at the new heat pump options.

The Heat Pump Storeright temperature

Inconsistent Heating/Cooling

When the heat or air in the home works one minute but the next the home is uncomfortable, it could signal a problem within the heat pump. Is one room the right temperature while the other is cold or too hot? This is one sign of trouble. When unreliable temperatures and inconsistent heating and cooling occur, don’t wait to call a professional to inspect the unit and the pump.

When the signs of trouble with the heat pump show their face in your home, pay attention and take action as soon as you possibly can. Don’t ignore the trouble, hopeful that it simply goes away. They won’t go away until a professional addresses them and will only get worse the longer you put off a repair or a replacement. Don’t let this happen to you and make the call to a professional as soon as possible. This is one call that you will be glad that you made!